Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final Blog Posting

My Reflection

My lesson was for the book "Where the Wild Things Are". I really enjoyed working with this book because there was so many different types of activities that could be done with it. I came up with the idea of using adjectives because I thought that it was something that could be helpful and I thought that it was something that I could make fun at the same time. It took a while for me to prepare for my lesson, but not as much time as i thought that it would. My father drew the picture that was on the poster board (Thank you daddy), and everything came together from their. I knew how I wanted to plan my lesson and the order I wanted it to go.

I was really nervous to actually teach my lesson because the first time I was in Dr. Luongo's class my lesson went terrible!!! Unexplainable. I was nervous and I felt like I lost control of the class. But this time when I presented my lesson, I actually enjoyed working with the behaviors. I had some student's acting silly, for example, Julia kept raising her hand and saying "I don't know". I would reply and say "well I know you don't know because I haven't said anything yet". This time I took a better approach and I didn't yell I just went along with the things that were said and done in this class.

When students misbehaved, I sent them to the back of the class with a worksheet and they would not be able to participate in the activity that was planned. Which I thought was a good idea because they would feel like they weren't apart of the class.

One thing that I would change about the lesson plan was when I had the students get up and put there adjectives up on the board. When they sat down, the class got a little noisy and it was because I gave them nothing to do. So I wish I would have had "busy worksheets" to give to them until it was time to go over every students adjectives.

Reflection of my Podcast

How I implemented to podcast into my lesson was basically while they were thinking of adjectives I had my podcast play the story as sort of a review of the story. I wanted to students to remember what the story was about and what type of adjectives I was looking for. Most of the students had great words to put up on the poster.

My students listened to the podcast or at least I tried to get them to listen to it. My podcast was very loud because while making it, I made sure to have a loud voice so that they can hear. So my podcast outweighed all of the students side chats and talking. I was very satisfied with the way my podcast came out because it actually worked. Students remembered the story and were able to write their adjectives based on it.

One other idea of using a podcast in the classroom is, instead of me personally reading the story I can have students listen to the story and while they listen I can show them the pictures. Hopefully they would listen, but I would not rely on that too much because you never know how much a student is listening. I would rather read the story to them so that I know I can have their attention. That is just the way that I feel comfortable.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Plans For Today

What I plan on doing for today is trying to find a lesson plan for my story "Where the Wild Things Are". I want to find a good lesson plan that will have the class interested and not want to use those bahaivoral cards. =)

What I got accomplished today:
I was able to find a couple ideas for a good lesson plan. I gathered up a couple of good links, puzzles, and colouring worksheets to help out. I found a lot of useless links as well, they just were not helpful or did not give me any ideas that would help me out. I will keep searching and thinking of good ideas to come up with a great lesson plan for the story "Where the Wild Things Are".

Friday, September 25, 2009

Podcasting Questions For "Where The Wild Things Are"

These are the 5 effective questions that I would use througout the story:

1) Why was Max sent to bed without supper?

2) How do you feel when Max became the king of all wild things?

3) How do you feel when the wild rumpus starts?

4) How do the animals feel when Max tells him he wants to leave?

5) Why do you think Max wants to go home?

Podcasting Thoughts & Opinions

I was able to re-hear my podcast and was able to show a couple of my friends what I have done with my podcast. Today I plan on making improvements to my podcast. One piece of advice that I recieved was basically to make sound effects. They thought that it would make a big difference in the story. Besides that, most people thought that it was really good and that it was well put together. Hopefully today I can do a better job then the previous time.

Wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Outcome of My Podcast

The following link is a link to my podcast story. Please feel free to tell me what you feel needs to be improved with it including, sound affects, if you feel spaces were left, etc. I would like to hear your opinions so that I can improve myself the next time around.

I had a great time recording, but I had to re-record the book twice because the first time I did it did not save. Yikes, I was upset ha. But when I re-recorded it I felt a lot more confident about the second one then the first one, so I guess it was a sign to start over.

Other then having to re-record it I did not have any issues. Everyone just had to be really quiet so that we can all record our story without voices in the background. It all worked out quite well. =)

Pre-Recording Thoughts

My pre-recording thoughts:

Today I am a little excited to record my story because this story really reaches out and teaches kids a lesson. The moral of this story is to not disrespect their mothers and he learns this lesson in a very unique way.

I plan on doing page by page myself and taking it one step at a time. I will try my hardest to use voices and to have as much expression as possible. Wish me luck!!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

My Podcast

This is my link to my first podcast which is an introduction to the story "Where the Wild Things Are".

Hope you all enjoy =)